Dawg Gone Rocky Road



ROCKY is the only AKC registered Champion sired Black Tri English Bulldog in the world that carries all colors. He is a proven producer black, blue, chocolate and lilac colored puppies. Rocky produced these colors years before DNA testing was available to know what colors a dog can produce. There have been no lilacs ever produced that do not contain Rocky in their pedigree. Rocky is the sire of the first female lilac ever produced in the world. She was born in January or 2010.

Rocky is the sire to Winston Jonas. One of the most recognized and photographed Bulldogs in the world. Winston is a rare blue AKC registered English Bulldog owned by Joe Jonas. Winston has his own twitter and Youtube following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vTf6MqPS94


Rocky offers unparalleled health and a world class temperament in addition to color to his offspring.

Rocky's stud fee is:

$1500.00 or POL





NM925141/02 06-03
White Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V238115

Boraguard Truman Snively
NM800913/02 07-00
White Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V112234
McWilliams Boraguard Boss
NM754768/03 02-99
AKC DNA #V95986
McWilliams Margret
NM594443/06 04-97
White Brindle Markings
Mil-Dix Josey Jon
NM795883/02 03-02
Red & White
CH Millcoats Jonathan
NM550202/01 07-95
Red Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V163667
Bombshell Of Millcoats Titas
NM663937/03 06-98
Red & White White Markings
Miss Lady Rose
NM872666/02 10-02
Brindle & White
Sir Wilson's Noble Crocker
NM781091/06 09-99
Fawn & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V139073
Valor's Noble Columbo
NM667853/02 05-97
White Brindle Markings
Sugar Korday Chandler
NM569642/06 09-98
Black & Fawn White Markings
Ft Sister Ida Lee
NM802866/08 10-00
Brindle & White
CH Megas' Manhatten Man
NM666320/04 02-99
Red Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V227213
Osborns Zippy Zoie
NM721546/06 02-99
Red Brindle & White




DNA: bbdd
Luxor is the very first DNA verified AKC registered lilac Bulldog born in the world .
At the time of post, Luxor is the one and only breeding age lilac male stud in the world. Luxor offers a very unique genetic guarantee that no other Bulldog in the world can offer. 100% of Luxor's offspring will be or carry chocolate and blue. In addition to that, Luxor also carries black. Every black produced by Luxor carries ALL COLORS no matter what the female he is bred to does or does not carry. This is a unique genetic guarantee that ONLY Luxor can offer.
$3500.00 or POL
Photo Album
  Charlie Brown Of Benning
NP235626/02 06-10
Brindle & White Black Mask, White Markings
Papa Smurf Koehler
NP186064/01 07-09
Gray Fawn Markings
Dante's Phantom Tank
NP133895/02 04-08
Black & White
Phantom Girl
NP152233/03 04-08
NP194713/04 10-09 (Russia)
Red & White
Moninski Dvorik Pilligrim
RKF 1816451
Viva Diva
RKF 1917743
Maduce Of Benning
NP226381/02 06-10
Brindle & White
Dawg Gone Rocky Road
NP067270/04 03-07
Black & White,
Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V514684


CH Sir Ikenhimer
NM925141/02 06-03
White Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V238115
Miss Lady Rose
NM872666/02 10-02
Brindle & White
Sandy Georgia Peach
NP167324/01 03-09
Red & White
Simpsonbulls Clay
NP069902/07 08-07 (Peru)
Red & White
AKC DNA #V437716
NP056437/05 07-05 (Belarus)
Brindle & White




Dante is an extremely heavy boned, rock solid, extra thick and wrinkly AKC registered chocolate Bulldog. 100% of Dante's puppies will be chocolate or carry chocolate no matter what the female that he is bred to does or does not carry. If you are looking for exceptionally high quality chocolate to add to your breeding program then Dante is your man. At the time of this post, no other breeders have his bloodlines.
DANTE'S Stud fee is:
$1000.00 or POL.


Photo Album
  Mighty Mar's Pete
NP127125/01 04-07
Red & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V478940
Mike-Mar's Mighty Snowman
NM890562/01 09-04
AKC DNA #V313072
Dunns Sad Sack
NM628035/02 02-97
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V126047
Mike-Mar's Cinnamon Toast
NM805064/01 03-01
Red & White
Hickory Meadows Amazing Grace
NP064212/01 07-06
Red Brindle White Markings
Smashers Lil Sureshot Russell
NM593072/03 11-98
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V95385
Hickory Meadows' Wrinkles Galore
NM897658/05 12-02
Fawn & White Piebald
Rudy Bay
NP191003/05 08-10
Red & White
Akul Goverla
NP123891/03 11-06 (Ukraine)
Red & White
AKC DNA #V422053
Tedi Martines
TUKU 006487/03
TUKU 000386/05 (TUKU)
Schoeneck Twilight Brenda
NP128029/01 05-08
Fawn & White
Spike The Bull II
NM873883/02 11-02
Red & White
AKC DNA #V262965
Schoeneck Lil Blondie
NP066196/08 07-06
Fawn White Markings




Graystone is descended from Ozzie. A very well known black and blue imported Bulldog. Ozzie's registered name is Leonard. He came from the Ukraine. Greystone's other grandsire is Champion Adamant Warlock. He is a wonderful way to add new bloodlines that carry black and blue to your breeding program. Graystone is a large boned, heavily wrinkled Bulldog with a big rope over his nose.
Graystone's stud fee is:
1000.00 or POL
Photo Album
NP197081/01 08-11
Gray Brindle White Markings
CH Adamant Warlock
NP014061/01 01-04
Brindle & White Piebald
AKC DNA #V271008
CH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
NM799862/03 03-00
Brindle & White
OFEL37 AKC DNA #V53017
Adamant Staypuft Marshmallow
NM866599/03 01-03
White Brindle Markings
Bonds Ima No Dixie Chick Girl
NP130631/03 08-08
Red Brindle & White
Bonds West Tech Alour Oliver
NP076850/01 08-06
Red Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V553467
Bonds West Tech Layz Dayz
NM925644/03 06-04
White Brindle Markings
Nielsen's Viking Lady Petunia
NP146361/01 08-11
Black & Fawn White Markings
NP031893/01 05-04 (Ukraine)
Black & White Fawn Markings
TUKU 004417/02
Triumph's Fertility Felicity
TUKU 02001-0663-00
Black Jewel
NP099718/08 02-07
Black Fawn & White
Bugs Nutra Cannis Kennel
NP021802/01 06-04 (Peru)
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V324865
Jp's Sweet Daisy Duke
NM931576/01 08-03
Red Brindle & White White Markings






Viper is an exceptionally low swung, wide centered compact AKC registered Bulldog. He's a beautiful boy with a heart of gold. He is a wonderful male to breed to if you have a taller or longer female as he tends to stamp his puppies with his ultra compact build. Viper has produced some exceptionally high quality blue tri puppies.


Viper's stud fee is:


$1500.00 or POL
Photo Album
  Papa Smurf Koehler
NP186064/01 07-09
Gray Fawn Markings
Dante's Phantom Tank
NP133895/02 04-08
Black & White
CH Hilltop's Foolish Heart
NP082123/01 02-06
White Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V378150
Toby Tubby's Next Top Model
NP088532/02 09-06
Fawn White Markings
Phantom Girl
NP152233/03 04-08
Br Macm Poison
NP131603/01 01-07 (Brazil)
Red & White
AKC DNA #V431378
Bishop's Lady Madeline
NM874862/01 07-03
Brindle & White
Starr's Blackjack Birdie
NP136747/04 08-09
Red Brindle & White Black Mask
Vickie's Lil Mack Rex Jr
NP069598/02 10-06
Red & White Black Mask
Vickie's Rollin Rex Ram
NM900574/02 07-02
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V267854
Vickies' Penelope Nickelette
NM870005/01 08-03
Red & White Black Markings
Jenny's Little Sexy
NP091420/03 10-06
Fawn & White
Lewis' America's Semper-Fi!!
NM912925/01 10-02
Red & White
AKC DNA #V324056
Jenny's Carly Simon
NP038047/05 07-05
Fawn & White Piebald


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